Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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Organic Certificate

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP) sets the standards and regulations that must be adhered to for a producer, seller, or handler of agricultural products to be certified and labeled as “100% Organic,” “Organic,” or “Made With Organic (specified ingredients)” by a USDA accredited certifying agency.

Organic Certification provides producers and consumers the assurance that natural resources are protected, habitats and ecosystems are conserved, and only approved crops, livestock, and processing inputs are used.

The demand for organic certified products has been growing steadily in popularity as consumers increase their knowledge on the benefits that not only impact the environment with conserved energy and an improved quality of water, but also give rise to local economies and both domestic and international markets.

Jedwards is a proud supplier of organic certified raw materials and is audited yearly by Quality Assurance International, a USDA accredited certifying agency committed to protecting the environment and providing access to organic food and products.

Fair Trade USA Certificate

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Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable farming practices to improve the lives of workers, surrounding communities, and products delivered to the end-consumer, and therefore contributing to an overall balanced and viable environment.

This global movement involves an extensive network of producers and companies alike dedicated to preserving our planet and actively supporting responsible practices throughout every stage of the supply chain.

Jedwards proudly offers a number of Fair Trade USA certified ingredients to actively promote and support continued growth of this mission.

Fair For Life Certificate

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Fair For Life is an organization devoted to responsible supply chains and corporate social responsibility to benefit consumers, producers, and the surrounding environment.

This certification program is committed to fair trade in agriculture and provides producers and workers access to a wider range of benefits economically, environmentally, and socially. In its commitment to continuous improvement, every organization carrying Fair For Life certification is thoroughly audited by Fair For Life on an annual basis.

Jedwards is proudly certified by Fair For Life and is dedicated to its mission and focus as demonstrated by its Fair For Life certification and product offering.

Kosher Certificate

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Kosher Certification requires an in-depth assessment of food ingredients including their production and preparation process which must meet dietary law set and followed by the Jewish religion. Kosher is a Hebrew word meaning fit, proper, or correct, with Kosher labeled foods generally being divided into three main categories – Meat, Dairy, and Pareve.

This certification requires the stamp of approval of a rabbinic Agency which verifies there are no traces of non-kosher substances.

Jedwards carries Kosher Certification under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union.

RSPO Certificate

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RSPO Certification is a global standard that assures the end-consumer that sustainable palm oil production is in place and upheld throughout the supply chain, protecting the environment and surrounding natural habitats.

Palm oil producers must adhere to standards set and verified by accredited Certifying Agencies that audit and enforce strict guidelines to prevent the overselling or mixing of non-sustainable palm oil products.

There are four levels of RSPO Certification: Identity Preserved (IP), Segregated (SG), Mass Balance (MB), and lastly, Book & Claim.

Jedwards is a proud supplier of RSPO Certified palm oil products and is committed to the support and growth of these esteemed sustainable producers.

EcoVadis Certified

EcoVadis Certification covers four key sustainability metrics: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. As an evidence-based rating system, EcoVadis evaluates companies by conducting a thorough analysis and assessment of the organization's process and ability to demonstrate a strong management system dedicated to the four key criteria for sustainability. Jedwards is recognized at the Silver rating level after its continued demonstration of commitment to sustainability. This medal places Jedwards in the top 25% of companies that have been evaluated by EcoVadis, with continued ongoing efforts to reach Gold status in 2024. EcoVadis Certification provides transparency through the EcoVadis platform to report and share quantified performance data with customers and strategic partners.

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