Shea Nut Butter - Nilotica Virgin

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Shea Nut Butter - Nilotica Virgin

Nilotica Shea Nut Butter, commonly referred to as Muyao Butter, is extracted by mechanically pressing the seeds of a rarer subspecies of shea nut tree, Nilotica, native to East Africa. This variant of shea butter has not gone through any refining process, resulting in a virgin butter that carries a characteristic nutty aroma and pale-yellow appearance. Its INCI name is Butyrospermum parkii Butter (Vitellaria paradoxa Butter), a shea butter option for formulations that require a lighter and creamier semi-solid at room temperature variety as opposed to the harder and waxier West African Shea Nut Butter offered widespread in the marketplace today. Bulk Nilotica butter is naturally high in two essential fatty acids, stearic and oleic acid, and has a rich content of Vitamins A and E. Due to the unique fatty acid composition of bulk Nilotica (Muyao) Butter, with its naturally higher olein content compared to West African shea butter, it is often sought after by personal-care and cosmetic manufacturers for moisturizing topical products intended for mature skin, after-sun care applications, and dry or damaged hair.

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