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Beeswax - Natural - Block
Jedwards International, Inc. is a wholesale bulk supplier of natural beeswax blocks.

Natural beeswax blocks are produced through the collection of bees’ waxes which are melted down and filtered prior to sterilization. After additional filtration takes place, the beeswax is then slabbed and cooled. No chemicals are used throughout the process and due to this product being 100% comprised of natural beeswax, bee debris may occasionally be present within the block. The end block carries a characteristic aroma of natural beeswax with varying color from light to dark golden yellow. Due to the formation of this raw product, dimensions and weight can slightly vary and are sold by an average weight of 5 kgs. Weights typically fluctuate between 4.8 and 5.2 kgs.

Natural beeswax is widely used throughout the candle-making, cosmetic, and personal-care industries in a variety of consumer products. Popular everyday items formulated with natural beeswax include lip balms, lotions, handcrafted soaps, topical creams, polishes, and salves. Natural beeswax may also be used in various manufacturing applications such as in industrial polishes, sealants, or ointments.

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Botanical Name Cera alba
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