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Vitamin E - Natural - Non-GMO - Gallon (3.5 kg)
Vitamin E - Natural - Non-GMO 20 kg
Jedwards International, Inc. is a wholesale bulk supplier of natural, non-gmo vitamin E.

Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E is comprised of a minimum of 73.5% D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, an acetate ester of acetic acid and tocopherol which is more stable than non-acetate forms of tocopherol. This natural Vitamin E is clear with a slightly yellow to brown appearance carrying a mild flavor profile and aroma. Vitamin E's derivatives are broken down into 2 groups, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols, and each group has 4 homologues, named alpha, beta, gamma and delta. This form of vitamin E acetate is commonly used in naturally preserving polyunsaturated fatty acids and oils from oxidation, favorably used in oils, cosmetics and personal care formulations to extend shelf life. Additionally, Vitamin E is used in cosmetic formulations for its antioxidant properties that may benefit the skin when applied topically. This Vitamin E has an activity measurement of 1000 I.U.s per gram.

D-alpha tocopheryl acetate may thicken in temperatures below 77 degrees F, or 25 degrees C, and crystallization can naturally occur. In order to bring the Vitamin E back into a homogenous solution if crystallization occurs, it is recommended to heat the material to 120-140 degrees F for a period of time and mix. This is a normal characteristic of the material and can be expected when exposed to cooler temperatures.

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D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, refined soybean oil, other tocopherol

This information is for general research purposes only and is not a representation or warranty of any kind. This material is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The user of this material is solely responsible for determining fitness for any particular use; requesting and reviewing the applicable Safety Data Sheet; and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Jedwards's standard terms and conditions apply.


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