Palm Fruit Oil - RBD RSPO MB

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Palm Fruit Oil - RBD RSPO MB - Gallon (3.5 kg)
Palm Fruit Oil - RBD RSPO MB - 20 kg (44 lbs) "Bag-in-box"
Jedwards International, Inc. is a wholesale bulk supplier of RBD RSPO MB Palm Fruit Oil.

Palm Fruit Oil – RSPO MB, having the botanical name Elaeis guineensis, is one of the world’s most popular vegetable oils due to its versatility and natural creamy texture. This particular palm oil variety carries RSPO Certification, otherwise known as Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, guaranteeing the sustainability and traceability of the palm oil production throughout the supply chain. RSPO-MB (Mass Balance) certification is one of four certification levels offered by the RSPO and monitors the trade of sustainably certified and non-sustainably certified palm oil. The Mass Balance certification allows the overall production of both RSPO and non-RSPO certified palm oil to maintain an even balance, hence its Mass Balance designation, with administrative traceability of the input and mixing of RSPO and non-RSPO certified palm oil, but at controlled quantities. Sustainable palm oil is widely used in personal-care and cosmetic formulations, soaping, and throughout the food industry. This highly sought-after natural ingredient is extracted from the fruit of the palm tree and fully refined, resulting in a clean white to off-white colored oil that carries a bland to nonexistent odor and flavor profile. As a result of the oil's high level of saturated fatty acids, RSPO palm fruit oil is solid at room temperature. RSPO certification provides consumers and manufacturers confidence in their purchasing decisions and use of palm oil with respect to the environment and society.

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Certifications Organic, RSPO-Certified
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