Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquids which are extracted from plant parts such as leaves, flowerings, shrub, branches or bark that carry distinct odors or flavors of the plant from which it was extracted. Extraction is mostly done through steam distillation but can also include CO2 extraction or cold pressing. Essential oils are natural, strong scented compounds of terpenes and esters that are quickly evaporating and thus don’t necessarily show the typical characteristics of an oil. Essential oils are primarily used in flavoring, perfumery and toiletries however there are applications in the dietary supplement and food industries as well.
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  1. Spearmint Oil
    Spearmint Oil

    Starting at $32.00

  2. Spearmint Oil - Organic
    Spearmint Oil - Organic

    Starting at $59.00

  3. Star Anise Oil
    Star Anise Oil

    Starting at $145.00

  4. Sweet Birch Oil
    Sweet Birch Oil

    Starting at $1.00

  5. Tangerine Oil - Cold Pressed
    Tangerine Oil - Cold Pressed

    Starting at $80.00

  6. Tea Tree Oil - Australian
    Tea Tree Oil - Australian

    Starting at $34.00

  7. Tea Tree Oil - Organic
    Tea Tree Oil - Organic

    Starting at $49.00

  8. Thyme Oil
    Thyme Oil

    Starting at $130.00

  9. Vetiver Oil - Haiti
    Vetiver Oil - Haiti

    Starting at $207.00

  10. Wintergreen Oil
    Wintergreen Oil

    Starting at $66.00

  11. Ylang Ylang Oil - Complete - Organic
    Ylang Ylang Oil - Complete - Organic

    Starting at $64.00

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73-83 of 83


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